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We are living in a time of information overload; thus, impactful and effective communication is more important than ever. As someone who has always loved to consume information in all formats (books, magazines, and podcasts being my go-to mediums), I am a strong believer in the value of a well-executed piece of content. When done right, a narrative can educate, entertain, and inspire. On the flip side, one need not search too hard for evidence of the damage that can result from the intake of unintended and deliberate misinformation.

My corporate communications journey began while working for an association management company (a role I held for over ten years). As the strongest writer on staff, I was tasked with the majority of writing projects for our diverse industry association clients. These assignments ranged from website copy to newsletters to annual reports and required that I regularly ‘change hats’ as I wrote for a range of business sectors and corporate cultures.

In 2015 I entered the world of small business ownership when I launched an event production company. As the sole proprietor, I was responsible for developing and executing the marketing strategy for three annual expos. Each expo had a distinctive focus and a wildly different target market that we were keen to get in the door, and this was my first foray into marketing to a broader general audience. Elements of our marketing strategies included social media, email marketing, digital advertising, out-of-home media, radio, and public relations. The lessons really stick when you are spending your own hard-earned money on marketing.

My most recent role is working in Alumni Relations (incidentally, for my alma mater), and this position involves a fair amount of writing of articles, profiles,, and web stories. By working with, and learning from, a talented team of communicators, I’ve further honed my writing and have discovered that I have a true passion for sharing those stories that should be shared.

From cave drawings to Shakespeare to newspapers to Tik Tok videos, communication and storytelling are ever-evolving. Stories bind us and I feel privileged to be able to take part in this exciting period of 21st-century storytelling.

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